Unboxing and hands-on with the Nintendo DSi

Unboxing and hands-on with the Nintendo DSi

Three years after the Nintendo original DS, affectionately dubbed the "Phat", we’re on the verge of seeing the third iteration of the platform. Taking a page out of Apple’s book, the company is using a single lower-case letter in the title. The Nintendo DSi goes on sale in Australia on April 2 for…

DLB-Network: Nintendo DSi Hands On

US_ARMY previews the new nintendo DSi for everyone showing off some of its features.

Nintendo DSi european (english) version – first hands on, looks and functions.

The new Nintendo DSi (due to release april 3rd in Europe) and its basic functions, such as the menu, settings, photo/album and sounds functions. I will post a video review soon, but I didnt bother talking in this vid, so this one’s just for first impressions. What i can say so far is that this is so much more fun than just gaming. I know its very cheesy with all the little gimmicks and pointless weird stuff you can do, but its plain fun. And yes, i know im half naked in this video.

Unboxing of the new Nintendo DSi Blue, and Hands on

I love it. has built in wi-fi two camera
DSi Shop just like the wii where you can buy games
play music but only aac.
Love it.
and yes i dropped it my first time